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    On November 15, 2011 KIDCO children 2 and older began taking Yoga classes. We are excited to offer this new component to our curriculum. Children need to learn to find balance in their lives. We feel that teaching Yoga to children will help them develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination. These skills will benefit them beyond the classroom. We have contracted Jill Rapperport who is an experienced and professional Yoga Instructor.

  • Calendar

    As a point of quick reference please check the monthly calendar which is most suitable for you and your child.

    Here we will include special events regarding our children, families and agency in general. For example, you will be able to see the specific dates for our YOGA classes here.

    Our Calendars:
    Early Head Start
    Head Start

Upcoming Events

At this time of year we have already started planning for the beginning of the new school year. All of us at KIDCO are working diligently to make the 2012/2013 school year as enriching as possible.

Orientation dates will be posted soon.  Enjoy your summer!

The Latest News

  • Emergency Preparedness

    Safety is always a priority. The KIDCO COOP guide was developed to identify the existing resources and the needed resources KIDCO would need to align in order to offer the KIDCO children, parents, staff and community friends and partners the most reliable and operational services possible during and after any potential emergency.

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    Communication is key to our success. Each month KIDCO EXPRESS News Letter is shared to bring you a listing of dates and times when special events, birthdays, trainings will take place. Please read the newsletter and stay informed. Sign up here.

    Our latest Newsletter is Here.

  • NAEYC Accredited Centers

    KIDCO is proud to have achieved the maximum high quality standards set by the NAEYC Academy. All of its centers are nationally accredited. KIDCO strives to maintain its level of quality. You may locate a Center Here.

  • Menus for the Month

    Each month we post our Breakfast, Lunch and Snack menus on the Services tab on our Home page. It is important that parents always check what their child will be enjoying on any specific day at KIDCO and your input is always appreciated. Certified and knowledgeable staff works very hard to develop a menu that is healthy, appealing and tasty for our children. ENJOY!!!! This Month - Here

  • Employment

    There is a formal process we follow when it comes to hiring new staff. Our main goal is to hire the best possible candidate to meet the needs of all our children, our parents, staff, guests and partners. If interested in a position at KIDCO please check first with our social services aide/clerk in the central office. She will provide you with an application and basic information regarding openings.

    For interest in employment, please print and complete the Application. You may mail, fax or email it to our offices. We are an equal opportunity employer.